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Coyotify is a site dedicated to Coyote Swap News and information.

News: November 6, 2013

A note from FeriCyde
The site has been down for a couple of days to re-vamp the forum user registration code to filter out bots and other spam-creating agents. I'll be actively banning anyone who doesn't follow the simple rules of not attempting to spam and being a bot in any form.

It will be this easy -- your user name must contain an engine size or you won't have a user name (mine will be the only exception). When I look through the list of users that want to be approved, if they don't have a user name that fits this criteria, they will be deleted and if the IP address appears alongside an obvious spammer, I'll be blocking it and likely the entire subnet from which it originates.

Hopefully this will keep the traffic down enough to scare them away and we can then eventually have some kind of usable forum for people that want to talk about coyote swaps.


Speaking of which: Mine is up and running. You can find the video of this on my blog. Sorry about the long delay in posting news here -- I've been updating the blog and have neglected the simple landing page here.

News: May 28, 2012

A note from FeriCyde (site creator):
Presently Coyotify is under construction, so there are some rough edges. The Bulletin Board is up and running and the blog is out there as well. If you have a Coyote swap you want listed, feel free to suggest a category if one doesn't exist to categorize your vehicle.

If you think you'll use the blog capability then I'll consider making that available to you as well.

Coyotify is intended as a place for just Coyote swaps. There are a ton of message boards for Ford Mustangs and such all over the Internet -- this isn't going to ever be a board like those. Rather, it's a place dedicated to those crazy souls who (like me) want to change over from whatever drivetrain to Ford's 5.0 dual-overhead cam insanity.

Other cars and trucks -- not just Mustangs -- are welcome here. Read the about section for more about site intentions.

Posting policy: Constructive posts welcome. This isn't the place to come and start flame wars -- you'll be banned if that happens. This is about making things, and learning about making things -- that means it's a place for people who like helping others and not a place for assholes...

As the community matures here, I'm sure there will be adjustments to this, but we're up and running now with this, so if you're a fellow traveler who's looking for more about the Coyote and how it fits in your ride -- you've come to the right place. If there's nothing out there about your ride, then possibly it's time to contribute and make something happen!

All constructive input Welcome! Enjoy!