About that new edge fuel system…

Sad news — in 1998, Ford decided to make the fuel-injection delivery system for the Mustang a bit cheaper. They eliminated the fuel line that returns fuel to the tank, cheapened the fuel tank baffles (eliminated them from what I can tell), and rigged the fuel delivery pump to only pump when commanded by the PCM. From what I understand, the PCM monitors the pressure at the regulator near the engine, and signals the fuel pump every couple of seconds to continue pumping.

This saved them some cash — and made a weaker fuel delivery system. Did it work? I have no real complaints with the 2000 GT (which has this system) — it’s never really left me by the side of the road. Unfortunately, everything I’ve read says that this system is not good enough to make serious horsepower, and from the perspective of quality — the fuel at the front of the car can get warm, and there’s no way to circulate it back to the tank for a cooling off.

To remedy this situation I have a new fuel system on order from High Flow Performance (You can reach them at 1-818-574-FUEL). The system pointed to by that link there is almost what I needed — sans fuel tank and neck. I ordered the fuel tank from ebay (90 bucks delivered) for a 94-97 Mustang, which has the right baffles and will accept the fuel system from High Flow. They are making this system specifically for my car (it was a special request, by me, for this build), which was really cool of them, since the system specified is mainly for a Coyote in a Fox body and the new edge Mustangs (like my 2000 GT) have a longer body than those cars.

The parts are on order as I write this, due to arrive sometime in the next couple of weeks. The fuel tank is in, and I went to a bone yard (one of those you-pull-it-yourself places) for the neck and a couple of other minor parts that won’t be included. I’ve also ordered a stant “cap-less” fuel cap for the car, which means I won’t have to worry about pulling off or putting on the fuel cap after I get this system installed!

As soon as I can get pictures of all of this I’ll get them up here. In the mean time, I’ve got a big batch of other stuff to get corralled into the garage where I will be doing this build. I’m not 100% certain that my fuel woes are over — but with the guys from HPF on board, I think I’m in good hands here.


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