About that k-member

For a new Coyote motor in the old new edge, the stock K member is simply not up to snuff — mainly, it’s taking up space that the oil pan and headers want to use, which is unfortunate.

Or is it?

The stock K-member is a porker — it weighs a lot and gets in the way of any kind of decent set of headers. Add the fact that the weight is right over the front wheels, and that the Mustang is a front-heavy car, and you have nothing but positive news if you swap it for an aftermarket K-member.

This is one of the places where the costs can wrack up pretty quickly — you can go for cheap, but there really aren’t a lot of good choices here — although it may seem like it if you just search for quantity. Here’s what I went through in choosing the UPR chrome-molly K-member for my project:

QA1: Looks like a decent choice — but the unit is made in china of mild steel and appears to be of inferior quality compared to the UPR or Maximum Motor sports units. I might have gone with MM instead though, if I hadn’t chosen UPR — the UPR unit is made in the USA and after talking with Adam Bennett at UPR products, I chose their coil-over conversion kit, which would allow me to keep my existing KYB adjustable struts and steeda camber/caster plates.

This is the kit I ended up getting. I also opted for a 3/8″ spacer kit, just in case I needed more space in the engine bay (prolly a good hedge there) and a spanner wrench to adjust the ride height of the front of the vehicle.

The kit is on order, and expected arrival sometime next week.

One of my goals for this project is to lower the weight of the vehicle and this unit will give me that and valuable space under the engine for the (factory) shorty headers and larger oil pan.


3 thoughts on “About that k-member

  1. I just wanted to acknowledge all the hard work, time and effort you put into this build. The car looks amazing! I have a question about the k member assembly. Did you noticed a difference in the way the car handles compared with the OEM equipment?

    Thank you.

    • It does appear to improve the handling — but it isn’t free. I used UPRs k-member and LCA setup, with adjustable coil-overs. While it seems to handle much better, there’s more road noise (people tell me that this is typical, by the way). I like being able to adjust the height of the car and the k-member plus the lower control arms were much lighter than the stock components (like 100 lbs). To me it was worth it — besides that though, you need more engine bay space for the coyote’s headers, which will most likely collide with a stock k-member.

  2. The K member is a huge upgrade. You’re replacing not only every old and worn out item, but you gain clearance, weight loss, and simplicity. The coil overs were a pain, but I switch to a 88-93 mustang strut along with the coil overs and this solved everything. More clearance, no more road noise o bottoming out, and allows for more adjustments. To awnser your question, Yes it does, but there is more to handling that this upgrade offers.

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