Makein’ a list, checkin’ it twice…

Nope, I’m not Santa, but it’s (almost) Christmas time — or at least it feels kinda like it.

I’m about 90% through the list of parts that are non-coyote oriented for the build — ordering them that is.   So, the larger categories: Fuel system, suspension, exhaust, gauges, electrical (battery relocation) and anything related to tools that I might need but don’t have yet.

It’s over 4k of stuff — approaching 5k.   This are “non-aluminator” items — any given item I could install without actually doing the swap — you can think of this as car prep in a way.   Seriously, though, I’m not going to install the majority of the items before the swap, the exceptions are simple, though.

First, I’m going to relocate the battery.   A battery-relocation isn’t mandatory for the swap — you can get away with having the battery in the stock location, like these guys did:

I’ve looked at that swap closely.  This is one of the earliest Coyote swaps out there into a Fox-like chassis.  It’s interesting for a few reasons — they didn’t swap the K-member — electing to make their own oil pan mods instead to fit the existing stock member.   They made their own custom long-tube headers for the swap and — this is where I question their thinking the most — the engine drinks air from right behind the radiator.   Look closely, and you see that the air cleaner is a K&N style unit, poking downward right where you would want it least to grab air — behind the spot where the radiator is dumping the majority of the warm air from cooling the motor.

Why they didn’t go for the stock air breather and do a battery relocation is beyond me, but I wasn’t there (Soon I will be right there, so I’m sure to make my own dumb mistakes as well).

The reason they did this is obvious to me — they ran out of space in the engine bay.   The Coyote is bigger than the previous motor, and there isn’t space where the breathing tube enters the motor for the stock radiator reservoir.   You need the reservoir mounted *somewhere*, so it’s where the stock air-breather goes, and the battery is taking up the space where it normally sits — so they were out of options and made something of a compromise.

I’ve looked at a bunch of these builds — my plan is to relocate the battery and put the breather where it belongs for this motor — in the spot where the battery sits today.  I’m planning on mounting my reservoir to the left where the air breather for the old motor sat, and to put the electronics either in the space under that reservoir (gives me the willies, but it’s a compromise) or to find some other spot for it in the engine bay.

In any case, I’m learning from the folks that went before me — my plan is to document the hell out of everything so anyone wanting to follow along and improve upon my work can do it without guessing and to make a place where they can easily share the results (here).

My list is slowly getting fleshed out — the parts are mostly on order and I’m anticipating quite a few ‘interesting moments’ of my own.

And I’m anxiously awaiting arrival of all the ‘presents’ :-)

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