Day 1: Coyote Prep Begins

First … Still waiting on the fuel system …

Supposedly the parts will be in or are in or maybe not — I hope to report soon that the fuel system I ordered something like a month ago is in.

Anyway, I’m going on with the prep without the fuel system because I have faith that one way or another I’m going to get rid of the single-line fuel system that’s been in the car for 12 years and 170k or so miles.

I have stuff to do in the mean time — plenty to do. For starters, the car has some grime on it — 12 years and 170k worth of grime. Believe it or not, I’ve only cleaned the engine bay once, back in 2009. Two bottles of grease remover were used and a gasoline-powered pressure washer, and a jack and jack-stand of course. It’s bad enough having to break loose bolts that were tightened in 2000 (I’m sure I’ll bust a few during the course of this change-over), but to do it while covered in grease and road grime — ugh.

To reduce the grime, I decided to shoot as much of that crud off the bottom and from the engine bay as possible.

I’m taking my time and doing this right. Sorry it’s taking a while to get rolling.


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