Engine almost out…

I’m down to the AC and PS plumbing — just a couple of items left before I can yank the old motor out of the GT. Almost all of the items have arrived that will be required for the swap. I’m still waiting on the fuel system (but am assured it’s on its way). The last few remaining pieces — ABS delete, some trim, a cooling sender radiator hose coupling, are on their way as well.

Oh, and some serious scraping and Por15 work awaits me.

It occurs to me that after this activity, there will be very little about my 2000 GT that I will not have direct experience tearing apart and putting back together. I never had the dash completely apart — but most of it (so that kind of counts) and I’m probably never going to tear into the guts of the rear end (I hope anyway — that’s honestly stuff I don’t want to know).

I don’t have a lot of pictures of the work — here’s a shot of the new gas tank:

The fuel tank removal had only one real snag, and that was my hasty removing of the plumbing to the charcoal canister. After the tank was mostly dropped under the car, I just couldn’t seem to find an easy way to disconnect it, so I simply cut the line in an obvious location. The cannister isn’t going back into the car — there will be no need for it with the return style fuel system. Oddly enough, there’s still two lines going from the back of the car to the front — one of them appears to be a vapor line of some kind.

Here’s a shot of the fuel neck area:

And here’s the new home for the 2 optima 6-volt batteries (which will be wired in series):

I got the exhaust dropped off the car last week, the battery out of the car and the front brakes un-hooked.
This week I’ll most likely get the old motor out and mount the new batteries in there new home. I’ll probably get a good 1/3 of the bottom of the car prepped for the por15.

Steady as she goes!


Un-Crating the Aluminator

So last Wednesday was a crazy day. I got word early last week that my motor was in — and dammit I simply didn’t have the ability to get the motor until Wednesday. Wednesday arrived and my buddy Dustin showed up with his truck and my Aluminator got fork-lifted onto the bed of the truck like a stack of hash-browns.
Aluminator getting loaded onto the truck
A few nervous minutes later, Dustin and I are trying to figure out how we’re going to hook it to the engine hoist — fortunately, I found another chain (Thanks Jesse!) and we were in business.

A few minutes later, the Aluminator was on the floor of the garage, and then the photo-shoot began. Here’s a link to the photo album.

A few of my own (opinionated) personal observations — FRPP has done a terrific job of packaging this up. It comes with a lot more items than I expected, and the fit and finish of everything is top notch. I am sure there will be challenges to getting all of this working but I’m very pumped that it’s finally here and that I’m going to have the opportunity to get this done.

I’m a big plan of JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing — for the most part, a lot of the parts I’ve ordered for the build have been delivered very quicly, but I’m way ahead inventory-wise. I won’t be ready for the motor for at least a week — but overall, it’s very close to the wire, so this is (mostly) to plan. The main item I’m behind on here is the fuel system — I needed it sooner and it’s supposed to arrive in a week or so.

Sorry I don’t have time for more than this presently — I’m kinda pre-occupied prepping the chassis for the new motor.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post comments here and I’ll do my best to answer everything,