Beeks Wild Ride

So, the other day I was trying to figure out something air-conditioning-pump related and I stumbled upon Matthew Overbeeks’ Coyote swap. It’s a 1994 GT with a Coyote — one of the first ones done and of all of the Coyote swaps I’ve come across, the only other convertible. Even more amazing, it was within short driving distance from the garage where I’m doing my swap.

If I had to count the number of coincidences I’ve had happen since starting my swap, it would be a long list — but this one is extremely hard for me to count as anything but divine intervention. I had a few questions that I was having a hard time getting answered and Matt has the solution in almost every case. How could that be coincidence? And only 15 or so miles away?

And Matt gave me a ride in his car — check out the video:

You should also check out Matt’s blog for more details, and for sure check out the engine bay on the car.

Thanks to Matt I have a much better understanding of how the heater plumbing is going to work. I also plan on duplicating or using a very similar strategy for the hydroboost plumbing. What I wish I had time for was to make my engine bay look as clean as Matt’s — just no time for it right now and given the magnitude of changes I’m up for, just going to have to settle for an engine bay that’s somewhat presentable.

Hats off to Matt though — you will probably find both of our cars at next years Car Craft show, sitting side by side.

That is, if I get my car running by then. I’m 99% certain that will be the case, but at times, the work stretching out in front of me is formidable.


Engine Bay Painting Begins

Engine bay Photo Album (Painting)

Update: I’m waiting on a new A/C compressor (ok, a used one, but it’s new to me). The A/C compressor for 2005-2010 cars will not work (too short) with the S & R hydroboost + alternator relocation kit. Nor will the stock 2000 GT compressor, which is a real bummer because I’d planned on using it for this build. Anyway, I’ve gotten word that the alternator has been re-pullied (yay Dustin!) and between that and the A/C pump, I should be able to call the front of the motor complete shortly.

I’m also proceeding with my 6 volt battery mounting brackets (see photo album above for the first shot at these).

The engine bay painting has begun and will proceed to the rear of the car (full under-body coating as well). I will be using a base of POR15 for the metal, covered by either Rustoleum grill paint (high temperature paint) or covered by Herculiner, which will cover everything that’s under the car and not exposed to heat.