Jon Spengler — Coyote Aluminator Swap Video

Jon Spengler’s coyote swap into a 2000 Mustang

This is video of Jon Spengler’s 2000 Mustang Coyote Aluminator XC swap. Taken 4-5-14, Jon’s car is the only Aluminator of this caliber that I’m aware of in a new edge. 1 of 3 2000 Mustangs I’m aware of for that matter — Mine and Skyar Birkhimer are the other two. Jon is using a modified Cobra IRS in the rear and a ton of suspension mods. This video was taken with my camera phone, as I left my go-pro on a charger at work so it was sadly not available. Still, a wealth of interesting information is here — enjoy.

Skylar Birkhimer: Swap breakdown

Sklyar’s car is a 2000 GT convertible — with almost exactly the same mileage as mine had when I started my swap. It does have one difference — it hasn’t been driven a lot in something like the winters of Ohio (note: very salty winters, much thanks owed to the salt mines under Lake Erie).

Skylar has a similar part breakdown to my initial swap but he has different goals:

  1. Low cost: Skylar went into this with a tight budge and a laser-like focus for wasted cash. Gotta admire that because these swaps often turn into money pits without some effort.
  2. Speed: Here we’re not just talking the way the car runs after the swap — Skylar is executing a Coyote swap at a rate of speed that is breathtaking. I doubt a seasoned machine swap with 2 or three dedicated mechanics would be going much faster than he has been building.
  3. Practicality: He wants the car to be his daily driver when he’s done.

All of these add up to an exciting car and some really interesting Coyote Swap News goodness — here’s a teaser of his engine bay:

Sklyar’s car:

  • Base Coyote crate motor from Ford
  • Boss control pack
  • Alternator from a 98 (new)
  • UPR forged K-member
  • UPR coil-overs and forged lower control arms.
  • Stock 4.6 steel flywheel
  • 10.5″ clutch (*)
  • Front accessory kit that adds capability to run the hydro-boost in stock location(*)
  • Cold air kit (*)
  • BBK long-tube headers.
  • After market rims (*)
  • Stock GT brakes
  • Stock steering rack with a bump steer kit (*)
  • Stock hydroboost setup with stock lines.
  • Fuel hat conversion that uses stock front-to-back stainless fuel lines(*)
  • Return-style fuel system that uses above with a regulator (*).

More news to come shortly!


New New Edge Swaps in flight!

Ok, so it’s been a slow posting season — you would think with Christmas and the long winter we’ve had that I’d be posting here like a mad-man. It’s not like there wasn’t time — more like there wasn’t bandwidth on my end. Some tight family issues got in the way of progress. Those issues appear to have abated (at least for now and hopefully for a long time).


In the mean time, three more new edge Coyote swaps have come to my attention —

  1. Skylar Birkhimer: Patterned after TJ Lapinski’s and my car — a 2000 GT convertible. More on that shortly. Sklyar is doing his swap in his own garage and appears to be wasting no time and I have to add — much less money that I did! Pay attention here, we’re going to start breaking down his swap, because I think long term, more people are going to follow his lead.
  2. Jon Spengler: Another 2000! This time the body is from a v6, with a ton of Kenny Brown goodness rolled into the mix. As a matter of fact, it looks like just about everything that can be Kenny Brown, on this car, is. I have video uploading as I type this that describes the build as it’s happening so far.
  3. Brian Stokes: Still mostly in the planning stages, this is a 2002 GT (so far). I’ll post more on that when I get more data from Brian.

So, Coyote fans, we have much to be excited about! Swaps out the wazzoo! Wish I had my book done now. I am putting together a swap guide that will (hopefully) incorporate everything I’ve learned — not just from my own swap, but from the general community.

Stay tuned!’