Skylar Birkhimer: Swap breakdown

Sklyar’s car is a 2000 GT convertible — with almost exactly the same mileage as mine had when I started my swap. It does have one difference — it hasn’t been driven a lot in something like the winters of Ohio (note: very salty winters, much thanks owed to the salt mines under Lake Erie).

Skylar has a similar part breakdown to my initial swap but he has different goals:

  1. Low cost: Skylar went into this with a tight budge and a laser-like focus for wasted cash. Gotta admire that because these swaps often turn into money pits without some effort.
  2. Speed: Here we’re not just talking the way the car runs after the swap — Skylar is executing a Coyote swap at a rate of speed that is breathtaking. I doubt a seasoned machine swap with 2 or three dedicated mechanics would be going much faster than he has been building.
  3. Practicality: He wants the car to be his daily driver when he’s done.

All of these add up to an exciting car and some really interesting Coyote Swap News goodness — here’s a teaser of his engine bay:

Sklyar’s car:

  • Base Coyote crate motor from Ford
  • Boss control pack
  • Alternator from a 98 (new)
  • UPR forged K-member
  • UPR coil-overs and forged lower control arms.
  • Stock 4.6 steel flywheel
  • 10.5″ clutch (*)
  • Front accessory kit that adds capability to run the hydro-boost in stock location(*)
  • Cold air kit (*)
  • BBK long-tube headers.
  • After market rims (*)
  • Stock GT brakes
  • Stock steering rack with a bump steer kit (*)
  • Stock hydroboost setup with stock lines.
  • Fuel hat conversion that uses stock front-to-back stainless fuel lines(*)
  • Return-style fuel system that uses above with a regulator (*).

More news to come shortly!


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