Engine Bay Pictures — With Engine Cover!


Latest development — I have the engine cover in place! This took a lot of time and work and of course I had help from my buddy Matthew Overbeek. Matt’s engine bay still sets the record for smooth, IMHO.

To get it to this point, we had to do some bending, sawing and welding (mostly on the cross-tower brace). One of the benefits introduced was to tap the holes for the cross-tower-brace. The rear holes were replaced with welded-in-studs. This means I can pull the cross-tower-brace with a 17mm wrench (just one). Huge improvement.

To get the cover to fit, the hood insulation/sound damper had to be removed. This freed up space over the cover, which is sitting rather close to the hood. Still some painting and cleaning to do, but man does it look sweet. I’m also finishing up a fuse-box (faux) to cover up that unsightly mess-o-wires in the passenger front of the car.

I’ve been too busy for video! I’ll get some of it out on youtube, hopefully today or tomorrow.