Griggs racing Aluminator XS


Ok, so you may not want to even listen to this video, because the sound is intoxicating:

That’s the sound of an Aluminator XS running a few laps — just listening to the car is enough. I would love to ride a few laps in that car. Fun video to watch — seems a lot of stuff on that track keeps getting passed. From what I understand, this is a car built by John Griggs — basically a stripped new edge with one wild naturally aspirated motor.

Here’s more of a walk around of the car:

And here it is on the dyno:

There’s more coyote swap madness in the works! The more I find the more I’ll post here. Hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as I am.


August update: Engine bay video — Coyotify Tach Connector for sale.


Things are coming together in the engine bay.

I’ve sold a couple of tachometer connectors to people doing swaps into New Edge cars. The instructions are kind of rough, but the part is unique — If you have a New Edge car and you’re wondering what to do to get your tach working, contact me. More news to come here for sure.

Matthew Overbeek and I are possibly going to tear my car down this winter and document, document, document. I’d like to come away with a working swap manual (and service manual). If this interests me, please message me and I’ll put you on a list. There are still quite a few parts in the swap that aren’t exactly off the shelf, so we may actually have a kit eventually (that’s the plan).

I’ve been driving the beast back and forth to work and it’s been on quite a few extended runs. There’s no other way to put it, the car sings. I haven’t even tuned it yet and yet it’s got a boat-load of power. I do think I need to do a torque tube and panhard bar — more news there to come I’m sure as well.