August update: Engine bay video — Coyotify Tach Connector for sale.

Things are coming together in the engine bay.

I’ve sold a couple of tachometer connectors to people doing swaps into New Edge cars. The instructions are kind of rough, but the part is unique — If you have a New Edge car and you’re wondering what to do to get your tach working, contact me. More news to come here for sure.

Matthew Overbeek and I are possibly going to tear my car down this winter and document, document, document. I’d like to come away with a working swap manual (and service manual). If this interests me, please message me and I’ll put you on a list. There are still quite a few parts in the swap that aren’t exactly off the shelf, so we may actually have a kit eventually (that’s the plan).

I’ve been driving the beast back and forth to work and it’s been on quite a few extended runs. There’s no other way to put it, the car sings. I haven’t even tuned it yet and yet it’s got a boat-load of power. I do think I need to do a torque tube and panhard bar — more news there to come I’m sure as well.


10 thoughts on “August update: Engine bay video — Coyotify Tach Connector for sale.

  1. I would definitely be interested in a swap manual… I have a 2000 Saleen mustang that I would like to do an aluminator swap to eventually.

    On a related note, I have enjoyed reading and viewing what you have done to your car. Since trading my ’86 mustang for my current ’00 mustang, I have wanted to do this when I first started reading about it. Seeing the great progress on yours pushes me further in that direction. :)

    Cheers, sir!


  2. Hello Paul,

    I have a built coyote swapped into my 04 GT. Just got it fired up and driving in the past couple weeks. The only gauge we haven’t been able to figure out is the tachometer!!!! Please help! lol I see most people are switching to stupid mechanical gauges for the tach to work. That’s no bueno for me. I watched the video and you said to contact you if I want your tach connector. Indeed I do. Please get in touch with me since I can’t seem to find any contact info besides this blog. Hope you respond ASAP!

    Thank you very much!


    • This sounds awesome — any video?!?

      yep! I have a part that fixes this issue and some instructions — if you’ll help document the hookup I’ll drop the price. We’re not talking much (retail: 80 bucks, if you help, $30).

      Is this agreeable?

      • That sounds good. Paypal? I’d love to have it ASAP. lol couple weeks until a show/racing! I can break the motor in without a tach but can’t race without one!

        Search for TC04GT on youtube for videos. Should have more videos tomorrow once I get the catback hooked up to the midpipe and fenders back on it.

        • Awesomeness!

          paypal me at pferris at gmail dot com — I’ll get the part in the mail to you Monday morning and will overnight if you cover the charges — will that be agreeable?

          • I am doing a coyote swap and I would like to purchase your connector. Pleas email me information regarding purchase.

          • Hi!

            This device only works if you’ve kept your stock PCM. Also — what wiring you’ve got left matters. What did you keep?

            I need your address — please send $50.00 via paypal to I’ll email you the directions and snail-mail the part.

            Finally — do you have pictures of your build? I’d love to know more and get some pictures up on the site.


  3. Please contact me on the tach connector or adapter you sell for these swaps. Got all the gauges working except for the tach so far. Thanks

  4. Hey Paul,

    Hows your swap doing? Ive tried contacting you by text/email about the coyotify forums, im having an issue when trying to login. Anyways i havent made too much progress since the last time we spoke on the phone. I have the old engine removed and currently waiting to order the rest of the parts to start putting it back together. I have a couple questions involving the gauges and buying the kit you made to use the stock gauge cluster, and also about that tid bit when ordering the control package. You mentioned something about calling FRPP and asking for a set of wires/connectors to use the tr3650 transmission? Whenever you get the time id love to talk to you more about your swap and the few questions i have!


    • I’m going to post an update this weekend — car runs awesome without a tune — still haven’t done that yet.

      Will send you an email shortly.

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